Vitriolic, irritable, turbulent, cruel, fickle, compulsive, sadistic, bombastic, contrary, superficial, selfish, crude, wasteful, crass, noncommittal, condescending, perverted, pessimistic, pretentious, dishonest, conceited, opportunistic, possessive, indecisive, irresponsible, hateful, manipulative.


I’m seeing a lot of people post about being miserable because the temperature is in the eighties where they are.

Y’all don’t even know. You really don’t.

Dear minimum wage employers of the world:

It’s an application, NOT a fucking CIA background check!

So how about you take your fucking psych evaluation and ‘compliance questionnaires’ and go fuck yourselves right in the neck? 

Anonymous asked
Ever hooked up whit someone you met through Tumblr???


You’d have to be some kind of low life degenerate sex addict to use a site like this to pick up women. A lot of women come to this website as a safe haven to talk and spread ideas among other women, not to get hit on by someone who posts shitty text posts and ironic memes all day……. yeah I’ve hooked up with girls I’ve met through this site 

Watching Hannibal season 2, and god damn…

There are so many plot holes, this show is a rapidly sinking ship and so much better as a comedy than a drama at this point.


Photo Essay Reveals The Explosive Growth Of California’s Prison System CALIFORNIA LEADS THE NATION IN NEW PRISONS | Fast Codesign 

But it’s hard to comprehend the scope of the system until you’ve seen it. 

…[W]e should be paying more attention to the way state governments are expanding (and profiting from) the prison-industrial complex. “I wanted to provide a visual dimension to a conversation that often traffics in numbers and acronyms,” he explains. He plans to add more facilities to the list, and hopes people will embed PrisonCount on their own sites.

[Photo Credit: Sebastian Knight/Shutterstock]

It is so easy for a non-incumbent candidate to bash corporations and big money

But go ahead and try to find me one congressman who hasn’t sold his vote to lobbyists for a fucking golf weekend

Keelhaul Joan Rivers corpse behind an oil tanker.

Erase this mistake from history.


Sex is a lot like Labyrinth, You go in without knowing, there are Muppets, David Bowie is there. 

These pants don’t fit right anymore


I wonder how many real fire extinguishers have been damaged by idiots setting them on fire to take pictures for the internet.